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Friday, January 22, 2010


I am a total delinquent. I have not posted those pictures that I promised Wednesday. I will post those, but I have a new project to show!

I love all the snowman and snow decorations that I am seeing on all the creative blogs so I have made a few things for our house. This is one of the latest - four frames that spell out "snow".

I think I like the "N" paper and snow flakes the best.

I used glitter letters and paper scraps that I found in my stash. I love winter stickers so I had plenty from which to choose. I think it turned out pretty cute. :) I am already working on "LOVE" to replace the "snow" in February.

On a totally different subject, my creative writing friend has introduced me to a few new books that I really want to get, hopefully for my birthday! :) They are List Your Self, Awe-Manac, and my new find: The Write Brain. Have you seen these books? They are so fun. I could spend days reading and writing and being inspired by them. I absconded with the books and I've used a few of the prompts with my high school students to some degree of success. 1st period didn't like them so much, but how many people really feel up to creative writing at 7:30 in the morning? I love to write and I still find 7:30 to be a little much for the creative process to actually work.

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  1. Hopefully you get this. You were the winner of my cupcake kit giveaway. Please contact me @ so I can get your prize to you :)