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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mess, Mess Everywhere!

Do you receive the Glade Company emails, or maybe it is the Simple Life emails? Either way, they are stalking me. They know me. They know my issues, and they exploit them. Take the latest email. A newsletter full of article about how to de-clutter and organize your house. REALLY? REALLY? I'm sitting in my home office now and I can't see the floor (well, kind of) because I have bags of things to file, things to shred, things to look through, things I might want to teach, and things to scrapbook.
Why aren't the scrapbook items in my scrapbook room? I honestly don't know. I really am an organized person. Most of the time. Notice in the top right hand corner of the picture? That's a birthday present to me that I can't open yet. I need to move that somewhere safe.

See the rack in the upper left hand corner? I should actually store things there rather than in random sacks, bags, and crates. I understand that; yet, it just hasn't happened. The wrack seems rather permanent and I'm not sure how much of this mess is taking up permanent residence in my house.

So, back to the organization newsletter. According to these people, I can look at the room and make a list of things to throw out, box up, give away, keep, etc. I like that I can make a list. I'm a list kind of girl. But, just look at things and know what is trash, what is donation, what is a keeper? I don't work that way. Perhaps that is part of the issue...but, anyway, I'm trying to organize my office. Obviously since I'm writing this, the organizing isn't going so well. As I type, this is what my desk looks like; I'm so ashamed.

I understand I need professional help. If you have suggestions for treatment, let me know. :)

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