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Friday, January 15, 2010

Projects to Help Me Procrastinate! Yay!

I'm obsessed with winter decorating right now; I think mainly because I don't want a big hole left in my home decor by taking down the Christmas tree, Santa Clauses, etc., etc. So I pulled out all my snowmen, moose, snow globes, etc. The problem is, in my new house, my old decorations aren't enough. They filled my tiny apartment just fine, but this house? Not so much. I decided to make decorations after looking at several websites for inspiration. I started with one house, then added another, then a church. Here's how they look so far:

I cut border out with my Cricut last night and I will add that to both houses for the "tile" work as the roof. Then I am going to cover the house with glitter and Ink Essential Glossy Accents. I'll take some pictures as I work this afternoon to show you. I did try embossing the border to see if it would give it enough shimmer, but it didn't. I like A LOT of glitter. I want it thick and shiny. I still relatively new to the embossing process so I might try again with a different embossing powder. Any ideas of a powder that will give a nice thick glossy look?

I'm not sure what I want to do as the next step for the church. I think I want to keep the tin roof, but I may put white or clear glitter all over the body of the church. Yes, I am addicted to glitter. You should have seen my wedding!

As I worked on my houses and church, I gave CJ (my chocolate lab) a bone to keep him occupied. He is still a puppy so he occasionally finds himself in the middle of mischief without even trying. The bone worked and kept him happy. I knew he enjoyed it when he came to find me with "scraps" on his cute little nose. He is sooo stinking cute!

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  1. Wow - now that looks like it took at lot of time! Turned out great!