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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I don't know

Monday was fun times with the infertility doctor. He was very nice and made me feel comfortable and valued. "Valued" may seem like an odd word but after hearing "I don't know" and "maybe another can help" so many times, it was nice to speak with a doctor that wanted to help. He has a plan and even if it's not a fun plan, I like that he knows what he is doing. I start a bunch (8) of tests next week and all of them sound icky. HSG, saline sonogram, 3 day test, MRI, etc. I don't really know what all of that entails, but I get to find out next week. Anyone survived one of these tests and want to tell me about it?

On to happier topics: scrapbooking and projects. Yay! I worked on the houses and church more this weekend. I thought one house was going to be white with green shutters and a green polka-dot roof. As I painted, however, I changed my mind. I will keep the green shutters but I have decided to use polka-dot paper to cover the house and then I think I'll do a glitter roof. (You know I have to use glitter somewhere.) Then for the pink house, I was working with glitter and it wasn't turning out like I wanted. So I opened up my Stickles and used the pink Stickles to outline the windows and door. Ta-Da! Perfect. I love me some Stickles! I'll post the pictures this evening.
I did finish the church. I covered the base, eaves, and roof with snow stuff which I then liberally coated with white glitter. It turned out really cute, I think. My DH even liked it. I promise to post those pictures as soon as I get home from teaching. Speaking of...

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